News Releases

Oct 1

No Procedures, No Trading: Commissioner Suspends Investment Adviser & Its Representative for not having Procedures to Prevent Trading Inequities

John Stuart, the sole owner and investment adviser representative of Ironwood Wealth Management, LLC agreed to a three-month suspension of his and his firm’s license with the Securities Commissioner. The suspension is part of a disciplinary order that Texas Securities Commissioner, Travis J. Iles...
Sep 30

Convicted Burglar Exposed – Texas and Washington Stop Criminal Promoting Fraudulent Cryptocurrency Software Scam

Texas Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles entered an Emergency Cease and Desist Order against Devon Tyler Shigaki, a resident of the State of Washington. Shigaki controls TradeMining, Inc., and they are accused of illegally soliciting Texas residents to purchase a fraudulent investment tied to...
Sep 9

Small Town, Big Problem: Commissioner Revokes Investment Adviser Representative from Mt. Enterprise, Texas

Kim Diane Butler, of Mt. Enterprise Texas, agreed to the revocation of her license as an investment adviser representative with the Securities Commissioner. The revocation is part of a disciplinary order that Texas Securities Commissioner, Travis J. Iles entered on September 9, 2020. From 2015...
Sep 3

Don’t Respond to the Birdsong: Securities Commissioner Takes Action to Stop Forex Birds, Others Accused of Fraudulent Securities Offerings

Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles entered an Emergency Cease and Desist Order against Forex Birds, LTD and PEK Universe for fraudulently offering online investments tied to forex and cryptocurrencies. The action also named Kumar Babu Bondesi and Darwin Eric Balusek – the who uses the nickname...
Sep 2

Investors Warned to Be Wary of Online Schemes by Parties Impersonating Registered Firms and Persons

Cybercriminals, hackers and other malicious online actors present a variety of threats to the public. They’re continuously perpetrating new types of phishing and spoofing scams and developing upgraded trojans, keyloggers, ransomware and other forms of destructive software. These threats are...
Sep 1

Oil Well Investments are not Similar to Annuities: Texas Stops Deceptive Oil Offering

A working interest in an oil and gas prospect that provides “annuity-like” payments? It’s a deceptive securities offering, according to an emergency cease and desist order entered by Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles. Energy Investment Partners LLC, a Dallas company, and John Robert “Bob”...
Aug 6

Consent Order Entered Resolving Unregistered Activity

The State Securities Board and Solium Financial Services, LLC resolved the firm’s unregistered dealer activity over an extended period of time with the entry of a consent order. Solium agreed to comply with the provisions of Section 12.A of the Texas Securities Act. This matter was the result of the...
Jul 27

Commissioner enters order against Georgetown promoter of fraudulent medical investment

Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles entered an order finding that Georgetown resident Randall “Randy” Johnson engaged in an illegal and fraudulent offering of investments tied to medical devices. The order also found Johnson engaged in a scheme to obstruct the investigation of the Enforcement...
Jul 16


Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles brought an emergency action to stop Mind Capital OÜ aka Mind Capital Tech SL, a Spanish and Estonian domiciled company, from illegally promoting a cryptocurrency investment pyramid scheme in Texas. According to the order, investors purchase MCcoin, an internal...