The Texas State Securities Board vigorously enforces the Texas Securities Act. The agency's Enforcement staff is charged with the detection and prevention of violations of the Act, including illegal sales of unregistered nonexempt securities, sales of securities by unregistered dealers, and fraud committed in connection with the sale of securities.

The Act provides for administrative sanctions to be imposed by the Securities Commissioner. These sanctions include: denial, revocation, or suspension of dealer, agent, investment adviser, or investment adviser representative registrations; cease and desist orders prohibiting or suspending the sale of securities or prohibiting fraudulent conduct; administrative fines; denial or revocation of the registration of securities; revocation of exemptions from registration; and cease publication orders.

The Act provides criminal penalties for certain unlawful activities. After the Enforcement staff investigates suspected violations of the Act, it may recommend criminal prosecution of the suspected violator. In some cases, a matter may be referred to the Attorney General for an injunction or receivership action.