Enforcement Actions Criminal Civil

Nov 20

Allan Jacob Barber: 10 Years Probation, Restitution

Allan Jacob Barber of Houston, who pleaded guilty to the fraudulent sale of a security and theft of property in Fort Bend County District Court, was sentenced Nov. 20 to 30 days in state jail, 10 years' probation, and a $10,000 fine. Barber was also ordered to pay $208,976 in restitution to the...
Nov 19

Raymond Michael Malone: Indicted

A Dallas County grand jury indicted Raymond Michael Malone on Nov. 19 on charges of securities fraud and theft related to the sale of investment contracts in his company, MM Capital LLC. According to the indictment, Malone engaged in fraud by representing to the investor that the money would be used...
Oct 23

Steven Patrick Jones: Sentenced, 85 Months

Steven Patrick Jones , one of three operators of a fraudulent shipping containers scheme, was sentenced to 85 months in federal prison on Oct. 23 and ordered to pay $8.2 million in restitution. U.S. District Judge Gray Miller of the Southern District sentenced Jones, who pleaded guilty in 2014...
Aug 7

Gabriel Claudio Jr.: Sentenced, 25 Years

Gabriel Claudio Jr., who stole millions of dollars from clients of his illegitimate financial services firm in Corpus Christi, was sentenced to 25 years in state prison on Aug. 7 and ordered to pay $2,795,254 in restitution to investors. Claudio was sentenced in the 79th District Court of Jim Wells...
Jul 12

Everett Craig Williams: Convicted

Everett Craig Williams was convicted on first-degree felony charges of securities fraud and theft for selling investments in a real estate program without telling investors he owed millions in civil court judgments, unpaid child support, and judgments against him in bankruptcy proceedings. Williams...
Jul 3

Bob Guess: Sentenced, 12 Years

Bobby Eugene Guess of Frisco was sentenced to 12 years in state prison on July 3 for fraud in the sale of millions of dollars in securities in a worthless internet company. Guess pleaded guilty to securities fraud in May in the 296th State District Court of Collin County. A Collin County Grand Jury...
Jun 5

James Dean French: Sentenced, 8 Years

James Dean French was sentenced to eight years in state prison on June 4 after pleading guilty to first-degree felony securities fraud in connection with the sale of investments in a purported West Texas oil and gas project. French was sentenced in the 230 th State District Court of Harris County...
May 31

Daniel Rodriguez Bryand: Indicted

Daniel Rodriguez Bryand of San Antonio was indicted May 31 in the 227th State District Court of Bexar County on charges of misapplication of fiduciary property and money laundering in connection with trades he allegedly made in a friend's brokerage account. Bryand allegedly traded stocks and options...
May 24

Timothy Lloyd Booth: Sentenced, 68 years

Timothy Lloyd Booth of Plano, who once served as a pastor at a church in McKinney, was sentenced to 68 years in state prison on May 23 after his conviction in the 296th District Court of Collin County on first-degree felony charges of theft and securities fraud. Booth, 60, stole approximately $23...
Feb 22

Sean Patrick Riley: Indicted

A Bexar County grand jury indicted Sean Patrick Riley of San Antonio on Feb. 22 on was indicted Feb. 22 on a charge of second-degree felony securities fraud and third-degree charges of felony theft and felony money laundering. Riley was indicted for allegedly defrauding individuals who bought...