Wilson Alejandro Montoya: Arrested, Indictments Unsealed

Dec 1

Wilson Alejandro Montoya was arrested last week.  He was previously indicted by a grand jury in Dallas County, but the charges were sealed pending his arrest.  The indictments are now public. 

Montoya is charged with securities fraud, theft and money laundering.  According to the securities fraud indictment, he illegally sold investment contracts issued by All in One Inv & Repairs, LLC.  Montoya  was the owner and the company was located in Colleyville, according to the Secretary of State. 

The securities fraud indictment alleges Montoya misrepresented All in One Inv & Repairs had the ability to pay between 10 and 15 percent monthly interest to purchasers.  According to the indictment, Montoya also concealed his use of investor funds, using their money to pay for personal expenses and to pay false returns to prior investors. It names 25 victims.

The charges are first degree felonies and, if convicted, Montoya faces up to 99 years or life in prison. 

The Enforcement Division of the State Securities Board investigated the matter. It is being prosecuted by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.