Texas Stops Fraudulent “Amazon Store” E-Commerce Partnership Scheme

Dec 21

Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles filed an emergency action to stop a fraudulent investment scheme tied to an online liquidation business based in Austin. 

The order accuses Christopher Koozekanani of illegally marketing “secured” partnership interests issued by Prime Liquidators – an online liquidation business purportedly dealing in high-end products such as expensive handmade imported rugs and home furnishings.  Prime Liquidators purportedly operates as an “Amazon Store,” profiting by selling these goods for below-market prices.

Investors can buy into the opportunity for as little as $2,000, according to the order.   Koozekanani is allegedly telling investors their purchases can reap lucrative returns – they may even receive a return of principal after four months and then simply profit from a passive stream of residual income. 

Although any “secured” investment may prove appealing, Koozekanani is charged with concealing critical information from investors – including information about NeuMacro Investments, LLC, the parent company of Prime Liquidators, and Michael Ray Abri, the principal of NeuMacro Investments.  The order also accuses parties of misleading investors about the security and profitability of the investments.

The respondents are not registered to sell securities in Texas, and the partnership interests issued by Prime Liquidators are not registered for sale in Texas. 

Koozekanani has a checkered history of dealing in investments, according to the order.  Beginning as early as 2016, Koozekanani allegedly perpetrated prior investment schemes tied to cryptocurrency and foreign currency trading.  The order alleges he failed to fulfill his obligations to prior investors and/or they lost principal in the schemes. 

Koozekanani also borrowed money from at least one prior investor and failed to repay the loan, according to the order.  The order alleges the debt remains outstanding. 

“It is not the season for fraud,” said Commissioner Iles.  “The agency’s investigation shows that Koozekanani has been threatening public harm.  I filed this action to protect Texans from Koozekanani and the parties’ recent attempt to defraud Texans interested in increasing opportunities presented by e-commerce.”

NeuMacro Investments, Prime Liquidators, Koozekanani and Abri have 30 days to challenge the allegations. 

The agency thanks the Lakeway Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, San Antonio Division, for their assistance.   

Contact:  Joe Rotunda, Director of Enforcement, by email at jrotunda@ssb.texas.gov or by telephone at 512-305-8392.