Bruce and Martha Pollock: Indicted

Jan 5

On January 5, 2021, Bruce and Martha Pollock surrendered and appeared in Harris County District Court on felony charges of misapplication of fiduciary property and securing execution of a document by deception.

The indictments allege that Bruce and Martha Pollock took $15,000.00 from an elderly victim on the promise that they would purchase stock for her. The indictments further allege that Bruce and Martha Pollock told the victim that they had destroyed the $15,000.00 check and would need a replacement. However, after the victim provided a second check for $15,000.00, Bruce and Martha Pollock deposited both $15,000.00 checks and did not purchase the stock per the agreement with the victim.

As the charges were allegedly committed against an elderly victim, Bruce and Martha Pollock are eligible for enhanced sentencing: up to 20 years for the misapplication of fiduciary property charges and up to 10 years for the securing execution of a document by deception charges.

According to a 2005 complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Bruce Pollock was previously involved in a deliberate “pump and dump” scheme to defraud investors in the stock of Aimsi Technologies, Inc. The 2005 complaint specifically alleges that Bruce Pollock and others engaged in an “aggressive and misleading promotional campaign” designed to increase stock prices for their own benefit.

Bruce and Martha Pollock were released on bond pending trial. Bruce and Martha Pollock were investigated by the Enforcement Division of the Texas State Securities Board and are being prosecuted by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.